Welcome To The Official Website Of TMG, Tranzformaz Music Group (International).

We are one the world’s leading music production & media companies.

At The Tranzformaz, we are committed 100% to you. The  artist, the musician, the engineer, the A&R, the dancer, the video director, the screen writer, the songwriter, the music producer, the movie producer, the music director, the artist manager, the lyricist and so many more. We are the future in music production & media. We are a leader and visionary in the innovation of music.

At The Tranzformaz, we are engaged in multiple  business endeavors surrounding the music business. Such as music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content,touring, artist development and more. In over 25 countries.

We develop recording artists, producers, A&R’s,  and songwriters daily.We produce,distribute and promote the best and most demanding style of music for Recording Artist, Movie Soundtracks, Educational Television Channels, international TV / Film and much more. For some of the most Exclusive clients  around the world.

At The Tranzformaz, we strive to keep up with the digital technology that trends the world. We are committed to leading & in developing new platforms and business models for music,media and more 365 days a year.

The Tranzformaz, aim to inspire the world. We aim to  bring the world together, through the greatness, commitment and blessings of our work.

The Tranzformaz, strives daily with our producers, songwriters, engineers, movie & media team, artists and employees etc. To Lead by example and give back to our communities and those less fortunate by Partnering with an Array of Non-Profit Organizations around the world. As well as taking individual responsibility to give back and serve others through volunteering, donations and more.